Eppstein 1981 - 2011

Eppstein, view from the train station to the town.
This is likely my (Gabis) first 360° Panorama at all.

When I took the photos in 1981, I was not able to assemble the black and white negatives to a panorama, so they stayed untouched in my archive. After 30 years I discovered them by chance, scanned them and stitched them sucessfully. The old post office is not visible any more due to some big trees, but the location on platform 1, where the first panorama was taken, is still acessible, as you can see.

Ort (Länge, Breite): 50° 8.35 N, 8° 23.38 E
Datum SW-Foto: 1981
Datum Farbfoto: 2011-05-22 11:45

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