World Wide Panorama - Water - June 16th - 21th 2005

Ship Tunnel Weilburg
It is the only Ship Tunnel in Germany and was built from 1844 to 1847 to make another part of the Lahn navigable. It's a shortcut to bypass an oxbow on the Lahn River which has banks of sand and rock barrages. It was only in use for ten years for commercial ships, because the building of the Lahntal Railroad started in 1858.
Today there are three tunnels side by side below the town of Weilburg: the Lahntal Railroad, the Ship Tunnel and one for cars.
The Ship Tunnel is still in use and open, but you have to operate the sluices on your own.
Some data: Length 195.26m, width 5.6m, height 6.3m, water depth 1.75m, two sluices with a height difference of 4.65m

Location (lat, lon): 50.4815 N, 8.2657 E
Date: 2005-06-20 13:20:00

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