World Wide Panorama - Water - June 16th - 21th 2005

Brubbel - A Cold Geyser - Wallenborn/Volcano Eifel
This type of geyser is unique in Europe. The water is cold, 15°C. This region used to be volcanically active. Brubbel is driven to erupt every 30 minutes by CO2 from a chamber 30 meters down.
In the cavern CO2 gets in solution in the water until it is saturated. More CO2 starts to rise the pressure in the chamber till the water starts to rise again. With less hydrostatic pressure in the water column, CO2 starts to degas in the ascending water and forces the water to ascend faster. The cold geyser erupts.
This happens every 30 minutes, though every second eruption is higher, up to 3-4 meters.
My panorama depicts the smaller of the two eruptions. I liked that version more than the one I took half an hour later. In this one a group of people, who likely attended a funeral before, came by to watch Brubbel and to their opposite some belgian or dutch tourists in shorts.

Location (lat, lon): 50.1538 N, 6.7202 E
Date: 2005-06-19 15:56:00

Click in the pano and drag. Zoom in and out are Shift and Control.