World Wide Panorama - Energy - September 21st - 25th 2005

The Fiery Elias
Only some old photos are left from the original steam engine of Darmstadt. The steam engine that travels the rails today is an authentic replica. The locomotive was originally built in 1919. It was saved from scrapping, repaired and modified to fit the track which is used in Darmstadt. It's similar to the original locomotives of the historic uptown railroad.

The historic stream engine has been in regular use for the last several years on summer weekends. The Panorama was taken at a stop in Darmstadt's city, the Luisenplatz.

There was not much time to take the photos. The old tram was running in a time slot of the normal trams around here. A whistle when it entered Luisenplatz. It stopped. Passengers got in and out. And a short steam blast of excess pressure. Impressive - 0.8 tons of coal and 2 cubic meters of water are driving the small locomotive with a mass of 19.5 tons. A nice way to use the energy that is stored in coal for a nostalgic trip around..

Location (lat, lon): 49.873 N, 8.651 E
Date: 2005-09-24 14:42:00

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