World Wide Panorama - Energy - September 21st - 25th 2005

Blast Furnace No. 5
North Duisburg Landscape Park

Blast Furnace No. 5 started running in 1973. It was in operation until 1985. The whole Meidenrich Ironworks was shut down in that year due to reduced steel quotas, set by the European Iron and Steel Community. The plant was preserved as an industrial monument, now known as the North Duisburg Landscape Park.

Today Blast Furnace No. 5 is walkable. From a height of around 70 meters you have a great view of Duisburg, its environment and the former plant itself.

It's incredible to climb up the platforms and think about the temperatures that have been inside there: up to 2000°C! An output of 150 tons of steel every 2.5 hours. A really big amount of energy has been spent there to make steel.

Location (lat, lon): 51.4802 N, 6.7796 E
Date: 2005-09-23 16:06:00

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