The World Wide Panorama - Equinox (September 2004)

This is my contribution to the World Wide Pano Project, hosted at the Geography Computing Facility at the University of California Berkeley. More than 180 panographers from all over the world participated in this event. All panoramas were made during the week of the Equinox (September 22 2004). The theme was bridges. Read more on the official WWP pages ...

Himbächel Viaduct, Odenwald railroad , September 18th 2004

49░ 36,182' N, 8░ 59,568' E
Naturpark Bergstraße-Odenwald, south of Erbach

The Himbächel Viaduct:
It's a single-track bridge on the Odenwald railroad. From hill to hill, It spans a distance of 250 meters, and a height of 40 meters. It has ten spans made of sandstone collected from local quarries, and concrete foundations for each. It was built in 1880-81 by the company Karl Wei▀huhn from Toppau in Silesia.

16:20 CEST - FF - Full Screen

16:32 CEST - FF - Full Screen

17:04 CEST - FF - Full Screen

17:28 CEST - FF - Full Screen

17:42 CEST - FF - Full Screen

Frankfurt (Main), September 20th 2004

50░ 06,642' N, 8░ 40,821' E
Old Town, Bethmannstraße/Pauslplatz

The bridge connects two parts of the old town hall, built in 1900-1908.

17:00 CEST - W - Full Screen

Biosphere House - Treetop Trail, September 21st 2004

49░ 05,277' N, 7░ 43,622' E
Pfälzerwald / Northern Vosges, Fischbach near Dahn
The Treetop Trail is a nature trail, running at a height of 18 meters over ground through the woods. It's 270 meters long and parts of it lead over suspension-, plate- and rope-bridges. That's the only nature trail of its kind in Germany.

15:23 CEST - CF

15:53 CEST - CF

16:46 CEST - CF

CF: Circle Fish - FF: Full Frame Fish - W: Wideangle