The World Wide Panorama - Solstice (Dezember 2004)

This is my contribution to the World Wide Pano Project, hosted at the Geography Computing Facility at the University of California Berkeley. More than 180 panographers from all over the world participated in this event. All panoramas were made during the week of the Solstice (December 21st 2004). The theme was Sanctuary. Read more on the official WWP pages ...

Hüttenkirche, Dezember 20th 2004

49° 59' 35,88" N, 8° 33' 39,6" E
Mörfelden-Walldorf, South of Frankfurt, Hessen

This panorama is my contribution to this WWP:
The Hüttenkirche of the Runway West short after sunrise at an icecold morning.

9:38 CET - FF - Full Screen

Nature Sanctuary Mönchbruch, Dezember 20th 2004

50° 06,642' N, 8° 40,821' E
Between Mörfelden-Walldorf and Rüsselsheim, Hessen

The second biggest Nature Sanctuary of Hessen, even in winter are many people here.

13:51 CET - FF- Full Screen

14:20 CET - FF- Full Screen

CF: Circle Fish - FF: Full Frame Fish - W: Wideangle